PRESS RELEASE—October 2, 2019 New York, NY Feeasy is pleased to announce its inclusion in The Tiny Home Industry Association Resource Guide.

Janet Thorne, Media Coordinator for the Tiny Home Industry Association, believes that the inclusion of Feeasy in its Resource Guide will provide the clients of their contractors nationwide with the opportunity to finance Tiny Homes quickly and affordably.

Co-founders John Giannone and Jac Credaroli stated, “We believe in the Tiny Home movement and are highly aware of the void in the market for financing consumer purchases of these homes. Our mission is to provide builders’ clients with the opportunity to finance their Tiny Home purchase entirely online, collateral-free, and very quickly.”

Feeasy LLC provides competitive web-based financing solutions to clients within the real estate ancillary service sectors by facilitating collateral-free loans up to $50,000.