Concierge Premier™ by Feeasy® – An Overview

By John Giannone | November 4, 2022

Personal loan

We know how busy real estate agents are, so it was important for Feeasy® to bring a value-add tool to the market. Enter Concierge Premier™, which matches your clients with a dedicated Feeasy representative at no cost to secure financing. Our representatives are there to provide one-on-one assistance to guide borrowers through the credit inquiry process, enrich their experience, and facilitate matches with lenders in our marketplace. We explain how our marketplace works, manage their expectations, quickly discern any credit impediments, and answer any questions about the process. Lastly, we coordinate updates on your clients’ status every step of the way, so you are always informed.

Feeasy is a free loan comparison platform of over 50 lenders created by real estate agents for real estate agents. On our site, clients of real estate agents and other providers within the real estate industry can secure collateral-free personal loans up to $100,000 with terms of up to 12 years. Loan use is flexible and is often used for home improvement, repairs, staging, moving expenses, furniture, and more. The entire process is handled online, and loan funding can be done in as little as a business day.

If you have a client interested in financing any pre/post-sale costs, allow Feeasy to handle the process from start to finish by using Concierge Premier™.

How to Use Concierge Premier™

Let’s walk through how to best use Concierge Premier™ to leverage the Feeasy loan comparison platform. Let’s say you have a new listing that would benefit from enhancements like painting and repairs before going on the market. Head to our other article to learn Five Simple Home Improvements to Maximize your Client’s Home Value. After meeting with a contractor, you determine that these improvements will cost $15,000. You can introduce your client to Feeasy as an avenue for financing these costs by completing this single, easy step – fill out our Client Registration Form and click submit. This is the entirety of the work required of you as the agent. Feeasy ensures the process is easy for you and maintains an arms-length distance between you and the process.

Once you submit your registration form, you will receive an email informing you that we have received that lead. A dedicated Feeasy representative contacts your client and handles the entire process with them from start to finish while keeping you up to date. What’s more, the representative your client is matched with will remain consistent throughout the entire process to maximize efficiency and comfort for your client. Click here to understand how your client can get a personal loan through Feeasy.

If your client qualifies for financing, they will receive the loan proceeds directly to their checking account via ACH in as little as a business day. They then can pay their contractor or other service providers directly, and you are on your way to getting your new listing on the market and sold. It’s that simple.

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Feeasy® is here to assist you at no cost. If you have any questions about personal loans or would like to speak to a Feeasy representative, please reach out to us at: | 646-770-1456