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collateral-free loans

up to $100,000 terms from 1 to 12 years

quickly decisioned & promptly funded

mobile-friendly marketplace

  • one-on-one assistance at no cost
  • personal guidance through the credit inquiry process
  • facilitate matches with lenders within our marketplace
  • enrich borrower experience

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  • fully accessible from desktop, tablet or mobile
  • immediate access to our client representatives
  • unparalleled hands-on service
  • free of charge


keep your clients’ savings for when
it’s needed most

spread their costs out from one to twelve years


  • rental broker commissions
  • pre-rental enhancements
  • guarantor service fees
  • first month’s rent & security deposit
  • moving costs
  • and more


don’t break the bank

put time on their side


  • home staging
  • contractor/construction
  • pre/post-sale prep costs
  • paint and improvements
  • moving costs
  • and more

close more deals faster

we create strategic alliances nationwide with real estate agents and brokers, and other vendors in the real estate industry to provide access to collateral-free financing for your clients

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  • home staging
  • contracting/construction
  • pre/post-sale prep costs
  • moving expenses
  • guarantor service fees
  • rental broker commissions
  • first month’s rent
  • security deposit
  • and more


  • collateral-free loans
  • competitive rates
  • loans up to $100,000
  • terms from 1 to 12 years
  • affordable monthly payments
  • free, online lending marketplace
  • quickly decisioned
  • promptly funded
  • mobile-friendly


  • offer financing on your clients’ proposals
  • increase transaction size
  • accelerate transaction speed
  • expand your client base
  • monitor clients’ status
  • no vendor fees ever
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team feeasy®

Jac Credaroli CEO
John Giannone President
Stanley A. Moskowitz Chairman


Our mission is to provide vendors, accountants and attorneys, contractors, real estate agents and brokers nationwide the ability to offer their clients convenient and competitive web-based financing solutions for their goods and services.

On our site, borrowers can browse and select pre-qualified offers2 from over 50 lenders for collateral-free loans up to $100,000 with terms from 1 to 12 years, quickly decisioned and promptly funded online powered by our strategic alliance with Monevo, winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation.

Our vendors have access 24/7 to their private portal to review the credit status of their clients.


Feeasy continues to disrupt the real estate industry and its ancillary service sectors by increasing consumer accessibility to collateral-free financing through its national alliances with vendors, contractors, and brokers.

Concierge Premier™ is our innovative program to provide one-on-one assistance for clients of vendors to personally guide them through the credit inquiry process, enrich their experience, and facilitate matches with lenders within our marketplace.

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