Top Four Ways to Upgrade your Rental

By John Giannone | December 2, 2022

Four Ways to Upgrade Your Rental

The confluence of high interest rates and home prices across the United States has given renters an opportunity to consider upgrading their rental properties to make them feel more at home. Let’s look at the top four reasonable ways to upgrade your rental and discover how Feeasy® can help you spread the costs out with a personal loan.

Paint and Wallpaper

Most landlords will deliver your rental with boring pure white walls. While some rental agreements might not allow you to paint, repainting your walls back to white when you move out is relatively easy, so why not take the opportunity to add charm to your home? Generally, less is more, and you don’t need to repaint the entire home. Painting accent walls in your living room, bedroom, or bathroom is an inexpensive way to transform your home. Aside from paint, there are ‘Peel and Stick’ wallpapers that can spruce up your walls and add character and dimension to your home without damaging the walls underneath. Etsy offers thousands of great removable wallpaper options at affordable prices.

Replace Light Switch and Outlet Covers

A simple fix to freshen up your home that’s often overlooked is to replace old, cracked light switches and outlet covers. They often turn yellow over time, and some landlords will paint right over the plastic.  Home Depot has hundreds of reasonable options that can make a difference in your home and even add a dimmer feature to the lights of your choice to set the mood. After all, why not upgrade the things your hands touch multiple times per day?

Upgrade Hardware

Upgrading your hardware throughout the home can be a cost-effective way to elevate your home’s look and feel significantly. Starting in the kitchen, you can swap out your cabinet pulls, sink faucet, and soap dispenser. Consider changing the bathroom’s shower head, faucets, vanity pulls, towel bar/ring, and toilet paper holder. Additionally, adding nice bathroom accessories like a soap pump, toothbrush holder, and soap tray can nicely beautify your bathroom.

Change Light Fixtures

Often, rental properties are fitted with very unflattering light fixtures with pure white LED bulbs. If it doesn’t fit the budget to replace your light fixtures with nicer options, your first move should be to replace the white LEDs with soft yellow ones. Not only does this make the light less harsh, but it also doesn’t feel so sterile, like a hospital. When it comes to light fixtures, the sky is the limit in terms of cost, but you don’t have to break the bank to get great results. Wayfair has countless options that are affordable and will look great.

Overall these four ways to upgrade your rental home can make a huge difference!

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